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Club Training Sessions

The club's training sessions are held around Yeovil and the surrounding areas.

Non-members are more than welcome to join our cub runs.

We normally organise runs on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.

These start around 6pm or thereabouts midweek, 9am at weekends.

These are done in and around the Yeovil area, with Sundays occasionally starting from local villages or surrounding towns.

Tuesdays - often a social training session - a non-paced social run occasionally with some speedwork incorporated (e.g. strides, fartleks, etc.). 

When training hots up, we sometimes do blocks of tempo training sessions instead.


Wednesdays - These are a coached training session at Yeovil Athletics Track, held twice each month.

We have a small charge to cover the facility hire costs - dates alternate with the YTRRC Yeovilton Summer & Street 5K Winter series events each month. 

We also hold a low-key Time Trial once a month, usually in Ninesprings Country Park, Yeovil.

Thursdays - normally a functional run training session, such as hill-reps, intervals training, etc.

Sundays - our longer morning runs.

Usually based from a 10K loop route with optional extra before and/or after depending who is attending and what they require for their own training. 

Held on road or trails routes based on the weather & requests.

Runners are expected to run responsibly, adhering to the highway code and respecting other road, path and pavement users. 

When running in darkness high-vis and head torches are required.

Runs are always led by a run leader who is responsible for the general safety of the group. As part of this, all runners are expected to adhere to the following basic safety brief:

Always run into traffic

Faster runners who get ahead of the back are welcome to go on ahead and loop back at regular intervals. This are club group runs afterall.

Always cross roads considerately.

Always be aware and considerate of priorities on roads, crossings and cycle lanes.

Be aware and considerate of other path users.

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